Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Recipe For Love

This is a recipe I have been trying to capture without failing, but it isn't that easy. It takes two people and two only to make it come out right. It takes a lot of time with both parties working hard to make it mix. If one stops working then it will be destroyed. This recipe is so delicate, it is much worse then making a souffle. Not only do you have to worry about it falling, but you must worry if it will last until the end. You must be very careful when mixing, so as not to include unwanted things. The blend must be all of the below contents or you will bring something from the oven that is not so pleasant. Do not let outsiders help you to mix the bowl as their karma may enter that is unwanted. Make with both of your hearts, minds, bodies and souls, and it will bring a lifetime of the two of you together as one.


  • 1 cup of kisses
  • 1 Cup of caresses
  • 1 cup of loving glances
  • 1 cup of putting the other one first always
  • 1 cup of wonderful remarks to the other
  • 1 cup of pride
  • 1 cup of patience
  • 1 cup of kindness
  • 1 cup of admiration
  • 1 cup of understanding
  • 1 cup of passion
  • 1 cup of open mindedness
  • 1 cup of love


A pinch of hope, a pinch of forgivness and a pinch of help


Mix all ingredients together and live a life time filled with love for each other. If by chance any ingredient enters the mix that is unwanted, empty the bowl and start from scratch.

Bake in the oven for all time, peeking once in awhile to make sure it hasn't burned.

Serve on top of all the memories made by the two of you and enjoy for a lifetime.

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