Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Romantic Gift Ideas

Holiday season is almost over and Valentine is approaching. And for those who are in love, madly in love, or just playing around, Here are some gifts ideas that you should try.

Float a love note in a bottle in the bathtub.

Build your lover a web page telling them why you love them so much. Mention special moments and add some images and cool links to topics that interest them. Surf the web with them one day and just "stumble upon it". Or have someone send them an anonymous email with the link inviting them to the page.

Take an old bottle of unused medicine capsules. Empty the medicine and insert tiny teeny love notes. Write him a Prescription for Love.

Plan a getaway trip for the both of you on Valentine's Day. Make it some exotic destination where both of you can enjoy each other's company only and nothing else. Excellent Ideas will be Hawaii, or some island resorts.Check out our suggestions at Romantic Getaways or Romantic Honeymoon

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