Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Romantic Gift Ideas

Compose a list:
"101 Reasons Why I Love You"
Write each reason on a separate square of paper.
Wrap them in a fancy gift box.

Fill a whole room with helium heart
shaped balloons and invite her in.
pick out 1 with the words "I love you"

When the clock strikes midnight on Valentine's Day, send a love note via Fedex - because your love just can't wait.

When window shopping, secretly note what your patner likes then return later to pick up that something special.

Give your love an antique compass and say "You will never lose me". Your love will swear the needle always points to their heart!

Give the gift of time (wristwatch) with this inscription: "I'll always have time for you."

Find a four-leaf clover and present it together with this note: "I got lucky when I found you."

Buy her an outfit while she's trying it on; let her wear it out of the store.

Hide a pair of earrings in a box of chocolates.

Send a dozen roses: 11 red roses and 1 white one.
The note: "In every bunch there's one who stands out - and you are that one."

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